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  • Our NEW Sofa & a little bit of Christmas Decorating

    Our NEW Sofa & a little bit of Christmas Decorating

    Hi Everyone!

    If you follow my Instagram Stories, you know I sold my old sofa and bought a new one! It was time for a change.

    As you all know, Sears Canada has decided to close their doors after 65 years of business! To me, this is crazy as I remember always going back-to-school shopping there with my family… it was a staple in my childhood. AND who could forget the Sears Wish Book. I think every kid would go through this catalogue and circle the toys they wanted for Christmas. Anyways, with that said, I am sad to see it go.. but not sad about the prices. To me, I feel that we got an excellent deal on our sofa and we love it!

    I only took a few photos of our living room as I’m still working on the wall art placement and Christmas decor. But, this sofa works much better for our home. We are now able to add an accent chair and our living room actually feels bigger.. if you can believe it!

    Has anyone purchased a sofa from Sears before?



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