Joseph St.

Happy Tuesday!

Tonight, I wanted to share another stage with you. I know all my Instagram followers get to see my stages first, but I can actually share my thoughts and how the stage went through my eyes on here a little better.

Joseph St. was a rather fun stage because the clients were able to get most of my “to-do’s” done in time. YAY! With that said, I walked into freshly painted walls, a bright WHITE fireplace and some new light fixtures. The suggestions I make are rather minor (depending on the stage) but make a HUGE difference! Like paint colours and light fixtures.

As you can see below, the living room now looks fresh and a lot more welcoming.

I LOVE the wall art I added to the kitchen! Plus the new curtains and light fixture.

The master bedroom also received a fresh coat of paint!

And so did the second bedroom!

Do you guys like how the fireplace turned out?



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