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  • South Drive

    South Drive


    So, I’m sure you have noticed.. but this next staging project is actually my house! Yes people, we are selling! Crazy news, I know… I will go more into depth about this story, but for now I want to share this staging project with you.

    Mike and I have done a lot of work to this little house, but I’m going to share what our house looked like prior to the stage. We have made so many changes that I just added the photos before the staging process which would make it less confusing and repetitive.

    Staging our own house took longer than expected. We live close to the lake, so I wanted to incorporate that into the design without making it look to “beachy”. This is also a small space so I wanted it to look bigger but cozy without adding too much decor.

    Anyways, we had a blast staging the #littlegreycottage. We really enjoyed it, and we could fully appreciate all the hard work and dedication that we put into this property. To us, the house looked AMAZING!

    Once the property was staged, our photographer came in and took some AWESOME shots. A few hours later, the #littlegreycottage was on the market…. 1 week later the #littlegreycottage was SOLD.

    Here are the Before & After shots!

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