• Backyard Patio on Maple

    Hello Everyone!

    I thought I would share what my back deck is looking like this spring, so far!  Over the weekend, I played around with some of my new and old patio pieces and styled our outdoor living space. Since this is our new home, I am unfamiliar with this space.. so I wasn’t sure on what would work and what wouldn’t.

    I do plan on staining the deck a dark stain. However, it may have to wait until next summer as the wedding planning is taking up most of my free time!

    As always, I like to mix the modern with the rustic pieces. I also went with a colour pallet of white, black, grey and teal green, as I have a few teal items that collided easily into this space.

    I would have liked to keep this space a little more modern and simple, but there’s something about an old chippy door that I can’t resist.

    The coffee table and sectional is a set, purchased from Walmart. Once Mike put the set together, we noticed that the glass top for the coffee table had shattered. So, instead of taking the set back, we decided to add our own top to the table frame. Mike had the idea to replace the glass with an old door that we had kicking around. So, Mike cut and sanded the door down to fit in the coffee table insert, and we love it!

    I am still working on the adjacent side of this deck, and I will be sharing that shortly. I also plan to add string lights to this space!

    I hope this post was helpful for those of you putting together an outdoor living space this summer.



    Coffee Table & Sectional: Wal-Mart

    Tray: HomeSense

    Candleholder: Urban Barn

    Lanterns: Sears

    Rug: Giant Tiger

    Pillows: Canadian Tire, Wal-Mart, Ikea

    Clock: Christie Sale

    Throw Blanket: Target

    Chippy Door: Christie Sale

    Picket Fence: Christie Sale





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