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  • Buffet Transformation

    Buffet Transformation

    Hi Friends,

    For the last few months I have put our home projects on hold while we prep for our wedding this September…. To be honest, I can’t wait for this wedding stress to go away…weddings are A LOT, lol!  However, I’s excited to see all of our hard work come together and were very excited to celebrate with our close friends and family!

    Anyways, I wanted a buffet for our wedding cake, and Mike’s mom found this great piece! Unfortunately, it’s not original and in pretty rough shape. But, with some wood glue and paint, it looks stunning!

    We like it so much, that we will be bringing this piece back to our cape cod home after the wedding. We may leave it to our dining room or bring it back under our cover deck and amount a TV above it.. how cool would that be?! But for now it’s sitting in our dining room and were using it as a bar cart. I’m already thinking about hanging a cool black and white print above it!


    Also, check out the before photo…… paint works miracles! I just have to add some brass knobs and it’s wedding ready!

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