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  • Another Black Accent Wall – Progress

    Another Black Accent Wall – Progress

    Hi Friends,

    Over the weekend I painted our living room/kitchen accent wall. Basically our giant blank wall in between our living room and kitchen. This wall was white (Chantilly Lace), and very boring. I wanted to do a gallery wall, but I wasn’t sure on what frames I wanted to use, what photos to hang, etc. So, I decided to do the the “picture ledge” idea with an accent wall. The picture ledge is a great way to add and remove photos without a lot of work. I love switching up my decor regularly so this was the way to go for me. Next, I choose a black accent because I love our black wall in our office and wanted to carry that contrast into our main room.

    I used Black Onyx by Benjamin Moore for the wall paint (same as office). So far, I have just completed the paint job and now I need to make the picture rails.

    So far, I am loving the black accent wall against all the white, and now I can’t wait to the add photos! I will be blogging about the picture rails once they have been completed.

    I hope this accent wall inspires you to paint a bold colour in your home! I just LOVE a dark accent wall.

    Before & After Photos Below

    Can you see the black wall wall reflection in the mirror, again adding contract to the adjacent wall!


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