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  • Something NEW in Mike’s Office

    Hi Friends,

    This isn’t exactly something new.. but new to Mike’s office. It’s a vintage icebox born in the late 1800’s, early 1930’s. My dad actually found this icebox at a job site and brought it straight to me. He knows I have appreciation for these types of things. Anyways, I’ve had this icebox for a few years now and I finally moved it into Mike’s office. I was looking for a console for this space, but with having a giant desk in the middle of the room, our space is limited.

    After moving the icebox into the his office, it collied with the space so well, it had to stay. First, we were going to make it a liquor cabinet, but we already have something similar to that in our main level. So, we used it as a small console with additional storage, as we totally needed it!

    To clean up this vintage piece, I used olive oil and white vinegar and wiped it down with a rag. I then styled it with a modern lamp, a plant and a vintage decanter to give the illusion of a bar cart.

    As mentioned, the top and bottom of this cabinet is used for storage, we have paperwork and supplies stocked inside. We wanted to place our printer in the bottom cabinet, but of course our printer was way too big.

    The art above the icebox is a water colour sign that I quickly painted and reframed. It’s not perfect, but Mike loves it, so for now it will stay!

    I absolutely, love bringing in vintage items to modern spaces. I think that every room needs that old and new contrast! It also tells a story of the significance of change in design.

    I hope you guys liked this post! I will be doing an office tour shortly and sharing it on the blog as well.


    Black Tray: Ikea

    Decanter: Thrifted

    Lamp: Wal-Mart

    Plant Pot: Dollar Store

    Farme: Ikea

    Clock: Target

    Wall Colour: Benjamin Moore Onyx





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