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  • Pumpkins in the Kitchen

    Hi Friends!

    I hope everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving and was able to spend some time with family and friends.

    Today, I added some pumpkins to our kitchen! As I mentioned perviously, I feel that our kitchen is very difficult to style as there are so many things that I would like to eventually change. But, with that said, there are many things that I do enjoy about our kitchen, like all the countertop space and of course… the pot filler! – Handy AF

    For styling I just added pumpkins and the tools that we use on a regular bases.

    Today, I am only sharing our farm house sink and a little bit of our countertops. Once I like the way I styled the rest of our kitchen, I will share that too!

    I like to keep a tray of items beside our sink, as it’s practical for us and it keeps all my clutter to a designated area!

    I hope this inspires you to style your kitchen in a pretty but practical way! I’m going to share the rest of our kitchen shortly.


    Tray: Urban Barn

    Soap: Bath and Body Works

    Plant Mister: Target

    Dish Towel: Target

    White Platter: HomeSense

    Cement Plant: DIY

    Glass Jars: Ikea



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