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  • Our Home Office Station

    Happy Thursday!

    Today, I am finally sharing our Home Office Station and all the little details that make our office our own. At the bottom of this post you can shop our entire office look at Wayfair.ca.

    To start, our office walls are white with a black accent wall. The white walls are Chantilly Lace by Benjamin Moore and the black accent wall is Onyx by Benjamin Moore.

    As you enter our home, our office is directly to the left, so making sure this room was cohesive with our living room was something that we wanted to achieve. And YES, we have a black accent wall in our living room, which you can see more of here.

    The office is totally Mike’s space, as I tend to work from our kitchen or dining room table. But, with that said, Mike wanted to go with a more minimalistic, mid century modern look, so this design is totally his, with a few tweaks from me!

    Next, our desk! This desk is a 1950’s Tanker Desk that was used in factories. Mike found this piece on Kiji! Although this desk is totally rad.. it needed some updates. We spray painted the legs and drawer pulls brass, and added a faux marble contact paper surface to the top. The original desk top was a faux light hardwood, which wasn’t our style.

    In the closet we keep our printer and a filing cabinet. We have two galvanized letter envelopes hung on the wall behind our matching desk chair. I usually put Mike’s mail in these cute envelopes. And of course, I had to add pumpkins to this space!

    The light fixture is super modern because we love colliding vintage with modern. It matches the desk too!

    To the left against the black wall, we have our vintage Ice Box, which I blogged about here, and to the right we have a little plant table with a big fern. I love the contrast between the black wall and the green plants! And the fern is from our wedding ceremony!

    On top of the ice box, we have a tray, a modern lamp, a wooden box full of business cards and a another fern! On the wall we have a piece of DIY watercolour art and a schoolhouse clock.

    On top of the desk, we usually keep it pretty simple. Lately, we have been placing our business card stand, a plant, or a pumpkin because Halloween is right around the corner!

    In this space, we also have a leather stool for additional seating, a throw blanket and this amazing rug that we’re obsessed with. By adding in the rug, some pillows and a throw, it gives this office a more cozier vibe. I actually wrap myself in this blanket whenever I work from the desktop.

    And that’s pretty much what our little office entails. It’s super simple, but its perfect for both our businesses and we enjoy working from it!  If you liked some of the items that we have in our office space, you can purchase them below, at Wayfair.ca.

    I hope this space inspires you to create an office that you enjoy working in!

    Get our office look below!


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