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  • Weekend Built-In Styling

    Hi Friends,

    It’s the weekend, woohoo!

    Yesterday, while listening to a podcast, I rearranged our built-in’s and wanted to share it with you. I feel that there is no correct way to style a bookshelf or built-in.

    What I like to do, is to not have a plan, gather some of my favourite items, whether it be new or old and play around with the shelves until I see something that I like. The reason why I probably change the shelves so much, is that I find it therapeutic and of course, home decor is something that I am very passionate about. My husband always makes fun of me for changing our house so often,  but in order for me to be productive and to be inspired I need to do these things for my business and change is so fun!

    I added string lights to the mantel because I’m obsessed! I try to go minimal on the mantel, because there is so much going on with each shelf.

    As you can see, books and pumpkins are my favourite items to decorate and layer with this fall!

    Lately, I have had candles on candles burning in our home. With the cold weather coming, it’s just another way to give off some cozy fall vibes. I hope this inspires you to add layers and whatever items to your decor as there are no real rules to styling built-ins or whatever you consider as home decor!

    I hope everyone enjoys the rest of their weekend!


    Sofa: Sears

    Accent Chairs: Wayfair Canada

    Dining Table: Magnolia

    Ghost Chairs: Home Hardware

    Ottoman: HomeSense




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