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  • Black Accent Wall & Art Ledge

    Hi Guys!

    I am finally sharing our black accent wall – art ledge with you today. I absolutely, love this accent wall and the art ledge is so fun to style! I’m just as obsessed with this wall as I am with our built-ins, and that says A LOT.

    Okay to start, I painted the wall black. Not charcoal, not dark grey, but yes, BLACK. We have a black accent wall in our office that we love, so I knew that the dark wall would look just as good in our living room. The black wall is Onyx by Benjamin Moore and the white trim and walls are Chantilly lace by Benjamin Moore. These two colours are my go-to’s.

    I applied 3 coats of matte black paint to the wall. I could have totally done 4 coats, which I recommend doing. With dark wall colours, the paint tends to look more patchy, so additional coats are necessary.

    Once the wall was painted I looked for an art ledge tutorial that would work best for our space. I found the perfect tutorial on the Chris Loves Julia blog, you can check it out here.

    Mike quickly put the ledges together as they are so simple to do! I then sanded and painted the ledges with the wall paint. This is optional, I liked the stained art ledges too, but I wanted our shelves to collide with the wall, so that the main focus was the black wall and the art displayed on the ledges.

    To install the ledges we looked for studs with a stud finder. We then screwed the ledges directly into the studs. We chose to do this instead of uses drywall plugs as our shelves are too big and heavy for that option.

    For now, I’m just using whatever art pieces I have around the house to style the ledges. However, I eventually want to add more colour and watercolour art to the ledges.

    What I love most about these ledges is that the decor can easily be switched up and the fact that these shelves can go anywhere in your home. I have seen art ledges behind sofas, in bedrooms, offices and more!

    I hope this has inspired you to create an art ledge in your home or to add a black accent wall to your space!


    Coffee Sign: Michaels

    F: Antique

    Round Mirror, Vancouver sign, circle framed art and cow: HomeSense

    Rectangle Mirror: Vintage

    Window Pane: Vintage




    1. Laura
      November 2, 2018 / 6:32 pm

      Skye! Where did you find these ledges?! I’ve been searching and searching and with no success
      Please help!


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