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  • Master Bedroom Refresh – Part 1

    Master Bedroom Refresh – Part 1

    Hi Friends!

    For the month of November, I will be refreshing our Master Bedroom. With the colder weather sneaking in, I am ready to FINALLY warm this space up!

    Mike and I have started to remove some of the builder grade elements in this space, but haven’t completely dove in and made it our own. To complete this master bedroom refresh, Wayfair Canada will be sponsoring a few items.

    Mood Board

    To get the ball rolling, I have put together a mood board to see how my design elements will flow together with my existing pieces. The style that I’m trying to achieve for our master bedroom entails lots of layers, warmer colours, and a  mix of traditional and vintage elements to give our bedroom a rich but cozy look. Mike, Harris and I, watch a lot of movies in this space, so our bedroom is somewhere that we spend a lot of time in.

    Number 1 // Number 2 // Number 3 // Number 4 // Number 5 // Number 6 // Number 7 // Number 8 // Number 9 // Number 10 

    Current Bedroom Status + Our Refresh Plan 

    Wall Colour 

    Currently, our bedroom has a few elements from the mood board… yay! We will be keeping our bedroom walls Stonington Gray by Benjamin More, because it collides well with the black and white wallpaper and Mike loves the colour… that’s a win, win in my books!

    Accent Wall

    The wall behind our bed is where we plan to do an accent wall with the striped wallpaper. We are hoping that the busy accent wall will anchor the white headboard.


    We are going to keep our antique brass light fixture because it’s so darn beautiful and we love the vibe it gives. For our bedside table lamps, we find them to be too short for our space. So we have opted to a taller style.

    Window Treatment

    Mike has already installed a black curtain rail, we are just waiting on our solid white curtains to arrive. I also plan on layering the curtains with an additional sheer panels to add more privacy.


    Our bedding is currently white, but I am going to add a warm grey quilt and a white throw.  Mike and I both like sleeping with multiple layers and we love the feeling of weighted blankets.

    Bedside Tables 

    For our bedside tables, I might be painting them a bright white like our trim or a warmer grey. I will also be updating the drawer hardware to a brass, matching the chandelier.

    Dresser + TV

    The small TV that is currently hung, came with our house. However,  it’s too small for my bad eyes, so we are swapping it out for a 47 inch.

    For the top of the dresser, I will be adding some brass accents, table books, a tray for jewelry and a plant. I want to keep this area organize and minimal.

    Wall Art 

    I don’t have much space for wall art in our bedroom. The only piece we currently have is our white framed full length mirror. But, I might DIY some chic art or add a favourite wedding photo in a nice frame.


    For a rug, we plan on doing the cream and black Anthropologie rug above on the mood board, or a simple jute rug. This will be decided once the accent wall is done! I don’t want any other pattern competing with the busy wall.

    My Inspo 

    To put together this bedroom mood board, I have been so inspired by the Room for Tuesday Blog. I love how she makes each space look elegant but cozy, I’m obsessed! Lately, I have been stepping away from the white and black look and wanting to add  warmer colours and layers to each space.

    Before Bedroom Photos  

    As you can see, this Master Bedroom is super boring! I can’t wait to put my mood board to life and take you along the way. Tomorrow morning, my mom will be helping me do the wallpaper accent wall! I’m so excited!

    If you have any questions, please let me know!



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