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  • Master Bedroom Refresh – Part 2

    Master Bedroom Refresh – Part 2

    Hi Friends!

    Today, I’m sharing an update on our Master Bedroom Refresh. If you haven’t yet, check out Part 1 of the Refresh to see all the before photos!

    To help complete this bedroom refresh, Wayfair Canada has been sponsoring this project.

    Okay, so far we have installed the wallpaper accent wall, painted the side tables, added new hardware to the side tables and dresser, installed a curtain rod, added two different curtain styles and added two new table lamps. To say the least, we have added a few new things to this space and we are in LOVE with it all.

    I’m a sucker for accent walls, so this wallpaper design was totally up my alley! To install it, my mom helped me, (thank goodness). Overall, the installation  went well, and the wallpaper is great quality! The paper already had an adhesive built-in the back, but we added an additional adhesive to the wall before installing. Along the sides, we didn’t do the best job cutting the wallpaper.. so I added a bead of caulking that cleaned up the cut marks.

    With the accent wall complete, our ceilings look so high… Mike says our bedroom feels like a hotel!

    With all this white happening in the bedroom, I wanted to bring in a warmer colour to our side tables. So, I used Amazing Grace by Sherwin Williams and totally fell in love. I added brass hardware that I purchased from Ikea years ago.

    I wanted to carry on the brass hardware to our Ikea dresser. So, I spray painted our current pulls to match and purchased the knobs at Home Hardware! I used Champagne and Pure Gold by Rusteloum to spray paint the pulls. We also added a bigger TV above the dresser so that we didn’t have to squint while watching TV.

    I’m working on styling the top of the dresser, but for now I have a tray of books, a plant, a clock that I may hang and a small jewelry box. Next to the dresser I keep a basket with a throw blanket and my laptop.

    For the window treatment, I have added two solid white panels and two sheer panels. I like adding sheer panels to any window because they allow light but give privacy! Under the window, I have placed my white trunk for now. However, I will be replacing the trunk with a bench shortly.

    We still need to add a rug, some wall art and a ceiling medallion until we are finished the bedroom refresh! Once it’s complete, were going to move on to our master bathroom.



    I can’t wait to share Part 3 of this transformation! I will be adding all the sources once the bedroom refresh is complete.

    If you have questions, please comment below!










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