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  • Christmas in the Master Bedroom

    Christmas in the Master Bedroom

    Hi Friends!

    Over the weekend I moved our Christmas Tree from the living room to our bedroom! Yes, I replaced my bedside table with a 7ft Christmas Tree and I love it. I have aways wanted a Christmas Tree in our bedroom.. but, the reason I moved the tree in here was because it looked absolutely ridiculous in our living room.

    In our little Grey Cottage our ceilings were shorter and our space was much smaller so our Christmas Tree always filled our living room perfectly. Now, in our new Cape Cod home our ceilings are higher and our space is a lot bigger, so to say the least, our little flocked tree looked terribly silly in this space.

    Now that the tree is in our bedroom, I had to continue the Christmas decorating in this room! Decorating for Christmas can be as simple as adding pretty bulbs to a basket, which is exactly what I did. I also added some festive pillow covers, little village trees, string lights, a Christmas banner and stockings to the dresser.

    All this Christmas decor has made our bedroom feel so dang cozy and I’m obsessed with hanging out in here! I can’t get enough of the Christmas Tree, if you haven’t put a tree in your bedroom, you should. I know this sounds silly, but I am generally more productive if I work in a space that is well organized and aesthetically pleasing… and I typically do a lot of blogging and scheduling in our bedroom!

    To contribute to a cozy bedroom, I layer the heck out of our bed with lots of linen. To beef up our bedding, I add both a comforter and duvet.

    If you’re ever confused on what option to choose for your bedding, Wayfair has an Ideas & Advice section on their website. You can check out their Duvet vs. Comforter Debate to see what bedding option works best for your space!

    I hope this post inspires you to decorate your bedroom for Christmas!


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