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  • DIY Festive Outdoor Garland

    DIY Festive Outdoor Garland

    Hi Friends!

    I am just getting our outdoor Christmas decorations up, and this year I have chose to do a very festive garland around our front door. Growing up, my mom would always do this to our farmhouse doors, and I LOVED it!

    I usually do a rustic/Scandinavian Christmas decor theme for our exterior..  but this year I wanted something super festive!

    To create this garland, I purchased 4 – 9ft strands of faux garland from Micheal’s, and a 60 pack of mixed Christmas bulbs. I also added additional bulbs that I have purchased over the years.

    How To Create Garland:

    Step 1: I wired 2 – 9ft garland strands together to create a thicker garland. I did this step twice to create 2-THICK 9ft garland stands.

    Step 2: Start adding your bulbs. I attached mine with fishing line. My bulb colours consisted of  teal, mint, white, silver, gold and reds.

    Step 3: Hang your garland. Mike used plastic Christmas light hooks that are used to hang christmas lights on the roof. He attached the garland to our door frame as the roof clips hooked behind the siding between the door frame. Mike then  zip – tied the garland to the roof clips.

    Step 4: Straighten out the garland and bulbs. Make sure you do this step, as you want your garland to look nice and full!

    I also added a real wreath and some bulbs to the front door. I did the same with the Charlie Brown cedar trees that I’ve placed on each side of the door. The planter boxes that I placed the trees in, are from Wal-Mart. – I painted these boxes Kendall Charcoal by Benjamin Moore.

    I hope this festive AF entryway inspires you to start decorating your home for the Holidays! This garland was so easy and fun to create. Did I mention this project cost me about $45!!




    Roof Clips: Canadian Tire

    Bulbs: Michaels & Canadian Tire

    Garland: Michaels

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