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  • Christmas Built-Ins + New Colour

    Christmas Built-Ins + New Colour

    Hello There!

    Over the weekend I painted our custom built-ins that sit on each side of our mantel. When I told me husband what I was up to, he was totally against it, which is fair! If you havent noticed, I like to change things often and when I have something stuck in my head I can’t let it go, LOL! So, after convincing him it was a good idea, I started to paint. After one coat of Amazing Gray by Sherwin Williams (I painted our bedside tables this colour – love them) I felt that our cabinets looked way too brown and I wasn’t about to do another coat, hoping the colour would lighten up… Also, did I mention that each side of the built-in takes 3 hours to paint! So, I went on Pinterest looking in desperate need of a warm grey. I have a few warm greys that I use for consulting homes, but I wanted something different. I finally stumbled upon Jillian Harris’s kitchen cabinet colour and felt it would do the trick. Mike and I hurried to our local Home Hardware and got a gallon of Beauti-Tone’s Designer Furniture and Cabinet paint in the colour Nimbus by Benjamin Moore. After a few strokes of Nimbus, we knew this was the right colour! Thank goodness!!

    After 3 coats of paint, 2 by brush and the final by roller, the cabinets were grey. Since this was such a daunting task, I wanted to be extra thorough as I was only going to apply this paint once, I added a coat of MinWax’s Finishing Wax Paste. I applied the wax with a cheese cloth only to the shelves where I place decor. The wax will prevent the shelves from chipping/getting scratched etc.

    Now it’s time to style these built-ins! My house is soooooo white and I’m finally over it, lol! Our bedroom is soft and bright but I wanted our main area to look rich and elegant. So, I have added simple, but traditional decor to the built-in’s. I also wanted our home to feel and look more cozy, by using decor items that are personal to us, like wedding photos, our favourite books, items that we have found on our travels and DIY projects. With that said, our Christmas decor is very simple, with lots of different textures.

    What do you guys think? Do you like the grey colour, better than the white? Let me know in the comments below.

    The paint code is 1465 – Nimbus by Benjamin Moore




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