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  • DIY Vintage Jar Snow Globes

    Happy Monday!

    This week I plan on sharing a few of my favourite DIY Christmas crafts with you. To start, I have been getting asked a lot of questions about my vintage jar snow globes, so I thought I would share them on the blog today. I love these jars! They look great in any room and they’re so easy to make!

    To create these adorable snow globes, you’ll need the following ingredients below!


    Jars – Mine are vintage, which can be purchased at many antique shops or you can use any type of mason jar.
    Bath Salts – Available at any drug mart or grocery store. *** I like how corse the bath salts are compared to using sugar!
    Mini Village Trees – Available at Wal-Mart, Michaels or a Dollar Store. ***Make sure the trees are flocked (snow covered).


    1. Pour an inch of bath salts into each mason jar.
    2. Place a mini tree into the jar. Push and twist the tree to the bottom of the jar so that the bath salts cover the base of the tree.
    3. Style and ENJOY!
    4. TIP – I remove the lid of the jar but keep the collar. I like the snow globes to sit upright and not upside down.

    I hope this inspires you to create some snow globes for your home!



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