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  • Simple Christmas Table Decor

    Simple Christmas Table Decor

    Hello Everyone and Merry Christmas! 

    Today, on the blog I am sharing my very simple dining table Christmas decor! This year, Mike and I are hosting Christmas Eve and dinner at our Cape Cod Home. This is the first time we have ever had enough space to welcome both of our families at the same time. With that said, I wish I was a little more prepared, but I’m going to focus more on cooking dinner opposed to decorating for it. 

    To put together our simple table decor, I added a simple runner, some glass candleholders, wine glasses, napkins and plates. To assign each family members seat, I wrote their names on each gift tag that I have placed on their plate. My grandmother started the tradition of placing a small gift on each persons plate instead of doing the nutcrackers. Each gift is picked for that person and is opened before dinner is served! I absolutely loved this tradition and will continue to do it moving forward. 

    Another favourite item that’s placed on the table is the beautiful vintage salt and pepper shakers! My friend, Ashley gave these to me, and they are so dang cute! I also added string lights and faux bottle brush trees! 

    Next year, I plan to do a more traditional table layout and to use Christmas dishes, because I think that would be so fun! 

    As for tagging items, I will do the best I can below! 

    Table – Magnolia 

    Chairs – Home Hardware 

    Runner – Michaels 

    Silver Lanterns – Wal-Mart

    Plates – Ellen Degeneres 

    Bottle Brush Trees – Michaels 

    Gift Tags – HomeSense 

    Santa & Reindeer Candy Boxes – HomeSense 

    I hope you have a very Merry Christmas and if you are planning to host your families Christmas dinner, I hope this set-up inspires you to work with whatever items you have available and to use personal gifts instead of the nut crackers!  

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