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  • Favourite Wayfair Wallpaper

    Happy New Year, Friends!

    I hope you had a fantastic holiday and ready to start 2019 with some inspiration for your home.. starting with wallpaper accent walls! Yes, I’m still loving the accent walls, but I’m totally into wallpaper… because its just so dang beautiful and it adds dimension to any space!

    Today, I have put together my favourite wallpaper designs from Wayfair Canada. These designs range from cool, cozy, elegant, cute, boho and classic. With the right wallpaper design, you give any space a luxurious look!

    Option #1: Elegant Entry Way

    How beautiful is this entry way? I absolutely love the busy wallpaper design mixed with the brass fixtures and fiddle leaf fig. This wallpaper totally added texture and dimension to this space. The wallpaper design comes in multiple colours and you can shop it at the bottom of this post!

    Option #2: Guest Bedroom or Girl Boss Office

    I love this wallpaper design because it’s the more mature version of the very popular flamingo wallpaper. I love the modern shapes of the birds and the subtle contrast of the blues mixed with the pink. I think this wallpaper would be perfect as an accent wall in an office, guest bedroom or in a jack and jill bathroom. You can shop this wallpaper below!

    Option #3: Faux Tile

    How gorgeous is this paper? The geometric shapes and detail of this wallpaper is stunning. I love the pinks, golds and marble blue that fits so well in this faux title design. I know this wallpaper would look excellent in a dining room, office space or even in a little storefront. This wallpaper will make the ultimate accent wall! Shop this wallpaper below.

    Option #4: Black & White Spots

    The classic black and white spotted wallpaper is a staple in the wallpaper world. Whether you add this to a little boys room, an office space or a guest bedroom.. this wallpaper will look stunning! I would do this paper design on an accent wall in a little boys room and paint the adjacent walls yellow or a navy blue. This wallpaper is so fun and can thrive in any space. Shop this wallpaper design below!

    Option #5: Floral

    Floral wallpaper all day long. I love this! With black and white wallpaper you can go in all directions for wall colours, fixture styles, etc. With this chic wallpaper, you will enjoy its beauty year after year. Shop this floral wallpaper below!

    Option #6: Black and White Water Colour

    Who doesn’t love a water colour design? This busy but simple wallpaper would look excellent in any space, including in between built-in shelves, in any bedroom or office. This is the perfect design for all those creatives. Shop this wallpaper below!

    Option #7: Pink Floral

    This sweet floral wallpaper is ideal for a nursery or for a boho toddler or tween! This is such a beautiful design and would look great in any space for a little girl or in any salon! Shop this beautiful wallpaper below.

    Option #8: Birch Trees

    This birch tree wallpaper is so dang beautiful. The elegant birch design would be darling for any cottage, cabin or Inn. I would totally add some blue accent chairs and brass fixtures to any space with this wallpaper. You can shop this wallpaper below!

    Option #9: Nautical

    And my final Wayfair wallpaper find, is this vintage nautical design. Whether it be by the ocean or the lake, I think every water front needs a nautical design. I would add this wallpaper to my lake house powder room, guest bedroom accent wall or to a little boys bedroom. You can shop this wallpaper below!

    And there you have it friends, my favourite Wayfair Canada wallpaper designs. I will most likely be adding one of these wallpaper styles to our guest bedroom, so stay tuned!

    If you plan on adding wallpaper to your home this year, please let me know! I would love to see what designs you choose!

    Have a great day and if you any questions, please let me know!


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