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  • Guest Bedroom Refresh – Part 1

    Hi Friends!

    This month has already started off pretty busy and I am just getting my ducks in a row now.. ops. You know when you think you have everything super organized/under control and then all your motivation disappears? Yeah, that’s me right now. This week, Mike and I head south for some much needed fun in the sun.. and I’m totally ready for it!

    However, before we head out, I have multiple projects to finish in an effort to come back feeling refreshened and ready to take on my next project. With that said, I have teamed up with Wayfair Canada to update our guest bedroom. We have almost been in our #capecodhome for one year, and I am totally ready to make some serious changes!

    Since I wallpapered our master bedroom accent wall, I couldn’t wait to do it again… So, you guessed it… I am totally wallpapering another wall.. which I did.. over the weekend!

    Before I get into this bedroom transformation/redesign, below I have put together a mood board in efforts to show you how I create a space and to see what works and what doesn’t. The mood board helps to keep me on track and motivated to finish.

    Wallpaper: The wallpaper I chose is a warm grey with a white design that pairs well with the current wall colour (Gray Stone by Benjamin Moore). This wallpaper design was a peel-and-seal style, which was more difficult to install then paper wallpaper… however, it turned out beautifully!

    Sconces: The sconces are a beautiful brass with a swing arm that works great for reading in bed. Mike and I decided not to hardwire these fixtures, so we opted for the magic light trick. The magic light trick is a brilliant way to add light to a fixture without having to hardwire. To do this, I purchased puck lights (with a remote) from Amazon and stuck them inside each light fixture where the light bulb would go. I then use the remote to turn them on and off. It’s genius.

    Ceiling Light Fixture: I plan to go with a black fixture to add some contrast with the brass.

    Headboard: Mike and I have already designed and built the shiplap headboard.. we’re just waiting for a warmer day to paint it!

    Side Tables: I plan to paint side tables black or a dark green! – I’m currently on the hunt for some simple side tables that I can jazz up.

    Wall Art: I absolutely LOVE the Anthro wall art that I have added to my mood board. However, I plan on making something similar!

    Bench: By adding a bench to this space, it will work as a suit case rack and additional seating.

    Vase and Glass: I love the idea of having a water vase and glass placed on the side table or dresser for guests staying the night. I think this is such a classy way to replace the ugly water bottle alternative.

    Bedding: And lastly, I will be layering throw blankets, green accent pillows and white bedding to this space. I want to give this room all the cozy hotel vibes to ensure our guests feel comfortable during their stay.

    So far, Mike and I have installed the wallpaper, sconces, curtains and have built the headboard. We have so much more that we are excited to tackle and we can’t wait to complete this guest bedroom. I’m super excited to share the transformation with you guys!



    Below I have linked everything in the mood board!



    Ceiling Light Fixture

    Water Vase and Glass


    Side Tables

    Wall Art

    Green Pillow

    White and Black Pillow Case

    Salt and Pepper Pillow

    Puck Lights


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