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  • Cape Cod Home on Maple View Post
  • Minimal V-Day Decor

    Hi Friends!

    I did a little poll on Instagram to see if you guys decorate for Valentine’s Day…. and majority of you don’t. To be fair, I put up my usual heart banner and that’s about it! Once I have babies, I hope to go all out with the sweet treats, home decor, heart sweaters and and v-day cards. But for now, I keep it simple.

    This year, I added a pink pillow and a heart banner to our master bedroom.. and that’s about it! I took some photos with baby Harris and called it Valentine’s day decor.

    I may pop into HomeSense or Michaels this week and add to my very low stock of v-day decor. Also, v-day decor does not have to be pink or red, it can be more neutral and that is the direction I’m leaning towards. If I find any unique v-day items while I’m looking, I’ll be sure to blog about it!


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