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  • Cape Cod Home on Maple View Post
  • The 6 Projects We’re Going To Do In 2019

    We are already a month into the new year… and almost a year in our #capecodhome!! Ekkk too crazy. Anyways, Mike and I have put together a list of all the home projects that we would like to accomplish in 2019!

    With that said, I’m really looking forward to our outdoor projects, as I can’t wait for spring, and I LOVE landscaping! Our home is totally lacking curb appeal and an outdoor living space, so I’m super excited to start the outdoor projects. However, the interior ones are pretty exciting too! Anyways, I hope that by writing these projects down, we will stay on track and get them done.

    1. Our Kitchen

    Our current kitchen is an IKEA kitchen and it’s super plain jane. We plan to add top cupboards to the uppers so that they touch the ceiling and to add crown moulding above to make them look costume.

    Once the uppers and crown moulding have been added, we would like to paint all the cabinets. The IKEA grey is not our thing, so we would like to paint the bottoms black and the uppers white. We will also be updating all the hardware to brass.

    And lastly, we would like to add a marble slab to replace the metal protector behind our stove and to do a custom shiplap hood vent.

    2. Shiplap Ceiling

    Last fall we noticed that our chimney was leaking and it caused some water damaged to our vaulted ceiling in our living/dining room. Yep, in a brand new house we had a leaky roof… Ahhh, well the roof has been fixed however the ceiling has not. So, we are going to add shiplap to our ceiling to replace the water damage marks. We had this in our last home, and we absolutely loved the texture the shiplap gave on the ceiling.

    3. Finish the Guest Bedroom

    As you know, I am in the works of completing our guest bedroom, so my goal is to have it completely done by March. I have a few projects that I am currently working on for space, so I should be able to complete this goal on time! Don’t worry, I will totally be blogging about it!

    4. Cape Cod Inspired Fence

    Yep, we are adding a white fence around our entire property! I’m most excited for this project because it will totally brighten up our house’s exterior. Our house exterior is super dark so I think the white will add lots of contrast. In the front yard, I would like a lower two board fence and in the backyard I would like to do a higher 4 board fence with a cross.

    5. Landscaping

    Once the fence is up, we would like to add some landscaping to our yard. Over the years, we will continue to add plants and trees, but we would like to add some new flower beds and cedars along the fence line to create more privacy for our home.

    6. Backyard Deck

    And lastly, I would like to paint our backyard deck. I want to have some fun with this deck, so I’m thinking of doing a little colour blocking… such as painting the deck floor and sides black and painting the railings white! This opinion may change over time, but I think the black will really pop with all the greenery I plan on adding.

    And there you have it friends! It does seem like a lot, which it totally is! But we have a whole year to work away on it. And if it doesn’t all get done, we will finish it the following year. All these projects take time, which we’re totally aware of so were just going to work away on them! Our first project is updating our kitchen, which Mike started on last night.

    Do you have any renovating plans this year, if so what are they?


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