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  • Konmari my Dresser

    Hi Friends! Today, I am going to chat about the KonMari method.. aka Marie Kondo’s trendy way to make your home and drawers look, feel and be more organized.

    After having one closet in our first home and working in retail for multiple years (aka folding clothes for 8 hours straight every shift), I felt that I was an A+++ folder and had mastered the art of organizing clothing in creative ways….. however, I put the KonMari method to the test, and of course it worked and was much better than what I was doing!

    Although, I have yet to master the KonMari folding method, I have learned that you need to fold your clothing as flat as possible and to make your folds as wide as the drawers depth. Meaning, you want to see all your clothing options side by side, not stacked on top of each other.

    With that being said, I hope my photos inspire you to organize your drawers and to get ready for spring… because it’s coming! I also recommend donating any clothing that doesn’t ‘spark joy’ to you anymore to Diabetes Canada. In which, the donations are brought to a Value Village and proceeds are raised to support the Diabetes Canada research, education, programs and services. My husband is a Type 1 diabetic, so this associate is one that I can truly appreciate. Click the link here to see how you can donate your clothing and happy folding friends!




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