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  • 27 on the 27th

    Hi Friends!

    Today, I turn 27… yep, it’s my champagne Birthday! To be completely honest, I had always planned on being in Hawaii on this day. I thought my champagne birthday would be something worth celebrating.. and why not go big?! However, things didn’t go as planned… and I’m currently sitting at my kitchen table working on 8 different projects and I am completely okay with that.

    If this was the case at the age of 24 or even last year, I would have been completely upset and beside myself that I wasn’t celebrating my champagne birthday on an island far away. But the thing with age, is that you become wiser or even more grateful and definitely more responsible.

    As I sit at my kitchen table, I think to myself that I have a lot to be thankful for as these past 27 years have gone by. I don’t need a fancy and expensive AF trip to celebrate my birthday, I’m totally okay working from home building a business that I have only dreamed of doing and hanging with the people that make me the happiest. I have a pretty rad husband friend ALWAYS rooting for me, a group of friends constantly cheering me on and a Mom that already thinks I’m a rockstar. These are the things that are worth celebrating, and especially on my Birthday. This year is all about growing, patience and change. I’m cool with turning 27 and not having it all figured out!

    In celebration of my Birthday, I would like to share 27 things about me!

    1. I grew up on a farm. Farm life.
    2. Hats are my thing. I LOVE a good hat and I’m usually wearing one.
    3. I’m a brunette! Yes, underneath my blonde mop, my hair is dark AF!
    4. I’m married! Married my lover last September.
    5. My all time favourite show is Golden Girls.
    6. I have ZERO patience. My goal is to get some.
    7. I want to own a shop one day. A little home decor shop that serves cocktails while customers shop.
    8. I want a fixer upper. I want our next home to be a total gut!
    9. If I could live anywhere, it would be somewhere in New England.
    10. I have my coffee in bed every morning.
    11. Jazz music is always on.
    12. I doubt myself everyday. I have a lot of self doubt and it’s something that I’m working on.
    13. I love baths. I read a book or a magazine in a candle lit bath tub every night.
    14. Extra dirty vodka martinis are life.
    15. I used to work retail and be a visual merchandiser for multiple years.
    16. I went to business school.
    17. My favourite holiday is Halloween. I love costumes!
    18. I want to be more like Diane Keaton.
    19. I have two tattoos and they’re both awful.
    20. I wish I was vegan.. something I’m working on.
    21. I hate grocery shopping, I avoid going until there is nothing left to eat.
    22. I love going to bed early.. because nothing good happens after midnight.
    23. I’m obsessed with witches. When I was little, I was convinced my mom was one.
    24. I used to live in Vancouver. What’s up Vancity!
    25. I travelled to South Africa with my bestie.
    26. I’m allergic to life, I’m always sneezing, ask my friends.
    27. I went skydiving when I was 19 and I will never do it again.

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