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  • Wallpaper Front Entry

    Hi Friends!

    Last week my husband and I wallpapered our front entry and I thought I would share… because the outcome is too good not to!

    So, we decided to wallpaper our front foyer for a variety of reasons. The first being, is that our house is still settling. So, when the seasons change, the ground moves, leaving small cracks in some of our walls/door frames. Because our house is still new and on a poured pad, this will continue to happen for probably another year.

    The second reason being, all of our walls are white, therefore I wanted to add some depth to this area.

    And lastly, I freaking LOVE wallpaper.

    The wallpaper I chose is from Bouclair and you can purchase it here. This wallpaper is the wet and stick style, which I prefer as it’s more forgiving. However, this paper is super delicate and wears easy. So, be very careful when applying it!

    I want to add some brass hooks or a floor length mirror to this area but for now, I’m loving to use this space as a back drop for photos!

    I hope this post inspires you to add wallpaper to your front entry or to any room in your home.


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