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  • COSTCO Area Rugs

    Friends, who knew that Costco had the cutest area rugs???? Well they do, and they are absolutely beautiful and priced well!

    Get your Costco membership ready, because I have put together my favourite modern + traditional Costco rugs and how to style them in your home!

    ONE: Option #1 is a modern take on a traditional style rug. I love how subtle but dramatic the colours in this rug work together! I would totally put this rug in my living room to bring in all the cozy vibes.

    TWO: Option #2 is a modern, boho design with lots of earthy tones. I would put this style of rug in an office or a master bedroom. The colours in this rug design will pull any space together as well as warm up the space!

    THREE: Option #3: A busy but traditional rug, giving all the modern farmhouse vibes. This rug design would look amazing in a century home or any modern farmhouse. I say this because, I can picture this rug working perfectly in my moms 103 yr old farmhouse!

    FOUR: Option #4: A modern rug for a millennials home. Although this rug is modern, it has lots of warm tones and will update any living room or bedroom space.

    FIVE: Option #5: A dark pattern rug. This is probably my favourite rug yet.. I love how witchy and beautiful it is! If you’re like me, and have all white walls but love pops of black, vintage items and brass elements, then this rug is for you… talk about a statement rug!

    SIX: Option #6: And finally the last rug, a total mix of modern and traditional. I love the curved and straight lines throughout this rug. The colours work perfectly together, yet I like the mix of light and dark greys. This rug is perfect for a edgy but traditional living room.

    There you have it, my favourite modern + traditional Costco rugs! You can shop the rugs below.


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