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  • Beauti-Tone Solid Stain Deck Refresh

    Friends!! If you have been following along on my Instagram stories, you would know that I have partnered with Home Hardware to recreate our back deck living space by using the Beauti-Tone Wood Shield Best Acrylic Exterior Stain.

    Our back deck was in desperate need of some serious stain.. so, I wanted to work with a brand that was local to my little community, and something that could get the job done!

    I have stained many decks over the years.. but, I know the most important part of staining a deck is the prep work.

    To prep our deck, I washed the deck down with our garden hose. Next, I used Natura Wood Prep from Home Hardware and a clean broom to lightly brush the entire deck, adding solution every few feet. I then let the solution sit for about 5 minutes.

    Once the 5 minutes was up, I rinsed the deck off with water and let dry overnight.

    The next day, I lightly sanded the entire deck so that the stain would soak and adhere to the wood floor nicely.

    The stain I chose for my transformation was from the Beauti-Tone Wood Shield Solid and Semi-Transparent Stain Collection in the colours White WSC37-0 and Blackboard WSC42-9.

    To start the staining process, I started with the railings – staining them white. I did three coats to assure that the stain was bright and bold.

    Once the railings were done, I painted the deck floor Blackboard. This colour took about two coats and went on beautifully. Make sure you use a paintbrush and paint all the cracks between the boards with a heavy hand to ensure no wood is showing.

    For the beams, originally we were going to stain them a natural colour…. but, last minute I decided to stain them white.. and I’m happy I did!

    Guys, our deck feels and looks like a whole new space. We are beyond happy with the results and the stain is holding up beautifully. We are loving our back deck transformation and I hope this post inspires you to redo your deck this season with the help of Home Hardware’s Beauti-Tone Wood Shield Stain.

    If you have any questions, please let me know!

    Before stain.

    After stain.


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