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  • My Experience at the Atelier Collective Event

    My Experience at the Atelier Collective Event

    Friends!! I have put together my take and experience this year at the 2019 Atelier event. Before I get started, please, please, take my thoughts/experience as a grain of salt and understand that this is MY opinion and my opinion only on yesterdays event.

    Okay to start, this event has been something that I’ve wanted to do since last year and my wonderful husband surprised me and girlfriend with tickets for my birthday, go MIKE. Also, the event sold out within 10 minutes so I was sooo stoked to have gotten tickets! Our tickets were the regular/standard tickets that were $420 each. The other option was VIP and that was an additional $200 I believe.

    We arrived at the event and waited inline with 700 other women. Once we entered the event which was held at Evergreen Brickworks, we got our name tags, found a seat at the table and grabbed our breakfast. The event decor was absolutely stunning and the theme was “limitless”. Once we arrived to our seats, a plastic wine glass, a Saje Wellness Energy Roller, a guide booklet/schedule of the day and a journal were gifted to each of us.

    The breakfast was your typical buffet style which included, sandwiches, smoothies, fruit bowls, etc. All the food at the event was given out in super small portions and in boxes which reminded me of airplane food. Although the options were super healthy and vegan, nothing in my opinion tasted great. The meals and snacks continued like this throughout the day. However, towards the end, we noticed that the food options were limited and a few people beside me had to eat food that was quickly prepared for them as they ran out of vegan lunches…. also the event ran out of water for a few hours which was unfortunate as the venue was super hot.

    Throughout the day about 16+ successful/influential women got up to introduce themselves and answers questions that a mediator was asking. For the most part each speaker relayed the same message which was to be yourself and to try new things. Nothing was super inspirational, everything they mentioned was something that we already knew and that we all need to focus on. Also, keep in mind that few of these women were professional speakers and some of the speaking got repetitive and exhausting.

    In between breaks and lunch there were multiple pop-up shops to purchase from. I purchased a sweater from the Fashion Truck and a ring from another vendor selling handmade jewelry. All the little shops had trendy and beautiful items that were discounted for the event. They also had an area where you could get your free headshot done, which we did!

    Within the afternoon we headed outside to eat some boozy freezies provided by the Cellar 82, which were amazing. And at the tail end of the event we were given some wine… that in my opinion should have been provided throughout the day, LOL.

    Jessica Mulroney and Jillian Harris were the final speakers of the day and gave great advice. Jessica was super real and pretty much said “no one including myself has their sh*t together… and whoever says that they do, are f*cking liars” – so true!

    Jillian chatted about all of her failures and how they put her where she is today.. and what I liked most about her speech was that she said “You need to do things, try things, even if you fail, even if you know you’re going to fail, try it.” Mike and I always relay this message to ourselves because no one wants to hear about something you didn’t do and it motivates us to get sh*t done! Jill also chatted about who runs her blog and how her business works, which was totally beneficial as majority of the crowd were bloggers and/or entrepreneurs.

    The swag bags were a total disappointment… but, I have to take some ownership for that as I was thinking our swag bags would be simular to something Jillian Harris would put together or similar to what a speaker would receive… which of course it wouldn’t be. The bags were filled with small discount coupons for stores, some little treats, make-up samples, a scrunchie and that’s pretty much it.

    Okay, in my personal opinion I think the only way to go to this event would be to do VIP. VIP have a lot more options. They get to meet the keynote speakers, they get better seating, a lounge area, legit swag bags and just an overall better experience. I also think the event should be for a crowd of 200 not 700. Not having enough food or water was super disappointing and felt that it wasn’t planned out thoroughly. I also think wine or a bar should be available in the afternoon just for the social aspect of it. I think the event needed more seating and more have more ways/options that we could have networked. And lastly, I don’t think the day needs to be as long as it was. The event was on from 9am-7pm…. and I believe until 9pm for the VIP guests.

    So with all the said, I’m glad we went and had the Atelier experience, but would I go again? Probably not. I think one experience with this brand was all I needed.

    I hope you take what you need or want from this post and if you get the chance to experience the Atelier Collective event do it VIP.


    1. June 20, 2019 / 9:56 pm

      I really appreciate your honesty about your experience. I watched Stories and saw the IG posts from last year and this year too, and you don’t see the realities of these logistical issues. Thanks for sharing!

      • skyececiliadesign
        June 20, 2019 / 10:16 pm

        Amanda! Thanks for the read! Right?! It was my first blogger/creative conference and it was somewhat of a let down. I also forgot to mention that all the other influencers got 40 + mins to chat (or felt like they did) while Jillian only got 25 mins.

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