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  • Kitchen Pendant Light Fixture Update

    Kitchen Pendant Light Fixture Update

    Hi Friends! Last week I ordered some new light fixtures for our kitchen and I wanted to share them with you.

    So, I originally picked out the most gorgeous brass, globe style pendant light fixtures to go over our island and kitchen sink…. but I wasn’t interested in spending over $1200 on them. However, after lots of thought, I decided to purchase the fixtures, as I logged on to Wayfair only to see that they were SOLD OUT. So, I took that as a sign and decided to purchase something similar at a better price point.. which lead me to these black chain globe style pendants. I was originally going to purchase these pendants for the Uxbridge model home, but again, at the time they were SOLD OUT.

    The black chain globe pendants were inspired by Muskoka Living and since this isn’t our forever home, I was okay with passing on the $1200 fixtures and getting the $400 fixtures instead.

    Mike installed the fixtures right away and we totally fell in love with them. The pendants are both simple but elegant. They are also a much better light source than our previous lights and make the kitchen feel more spacious.

    These fixtures are from Amazon and you can purchase them here. Amazon has lots of excellent light fixtures at great price points! I actually created an Amazon light fixture blog post sharing my favourite light fixture finds all under $200. You can visit it here.

    I hope this blog post inspires you to check out my Amazon light fixture finds and to update your space even if it’s not forever!

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