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  • Back Deck Privacy Blinds

    Friends! Last week, Mike and I decided to add a privacy blind to our back deck railing to create more closure when enjoying our backyard. The privacy blind turned out beautifully, so I thought I would share it with you!

    To create this wood privacy blind, we used the following tools and went in this direction:

    We used 2×4’s to create the frame of the blind and screwed it directly to the top deck railing. We then used 1″x3″ wood slats, 3/4″ apart and filled in the frame with the wood slats to create the “blind” look. We used a skill saw, a table saw, a screw gun, a level and a tape measure to create this blind.

    Once the privacy blinds were installed, we sanded them down and prepped for paint.

    To paint, I used some white paint that we had leftover in our garage and applied two coats of to the back and front of the blinds.

    Once the paint dried, the privacy blinds were looking great! The blinds were blocking the right amount of space but still allowing light and greenery to pop through!

    Once the blinds were fully completed and the deck was cleaned, I decided to re-arrange our outdoor space to create a better flow and to put the privacy blinds to the test!

    As mentioned before, Mike and I enjoy our morning coffee on our Adirondack chairs every morning….so, I moved our little coffee area to our new nook and added more ferns, a rug and a coffee sign.

    I moved our sectional further down the deck and painted the coffee table top to match the Adirondack chairs (colour is Nimbus by Benjamin Moore). I then hung our kayak hats on one of the beams, added another fern to the space and some swimming wall art that I still need to hang.

    By building the privacy blinds, our back deck feels much more relaxing! We feel like we have our space back and we love how it looks and feels!

    I hope this inspires you to create a privacy blind in your backyard, especially if you are close to your neighbours like we are!


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