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  • Our Trip to Salem, MA Part 1

    Our Trip to Salem, MA Part 1

    Hello Friends!

    I have been meaning to put together this post for awhile now… and I think today is the perfect time to share our trip to Salem, Massachusetts. Two years ago in October, Mike and I took a little road trip to Salem. We are big road trip fans and I’ve always wanted to visit this little New England town.

    If you don’t know much about Salem, MA. here is a little blurb about this wonderfully historic American town. Salem is known for its infamous witch trials beginning in 1692. A group of young girls in the village claimed to be possessed by the devil and accused several women and others of witchcraft. 200 people were accused and 20 were wrongfully executed. You can visit the Salem Witch Trials Memorial at 24 Liberty St, Salem, MA. and learn more about the witch trial memorial here.

    Salem, MA is also the filming location for the popular 90’s movie, Hocus Pocus… and if you know me, you would know this is one of my favourite movies!

    It took Mike and I about nine hours of driving to reach downtown Salem. It would have taken less time, but I had to stop at Target for an hour or two.. if you know what I mean!

    Once we arrived it was late, so we grabbed a bite to eat and checked in to our Air BnB. Next time we visit, I want to stay at Hotel Salem. It looks so cool and why not stay in a boutique style hotel when in Witch City?

    The next day we started off at Red’s Sandwich Shop, located in the historic London Coffee House cc. 1698 building in downtown Salem. This place is so quaint and serves great comfort food with super fast service! The London Coffee House was originally the meeting place for Patriots before the American Revolution.

    Next up, we wanted to check out a craft brewery called Notch Brewing. Mike and I went back to this spot several times during our visit because we really enjoyed their beer and atmosphere!

    Before we did our site seeing, we wanted to check out one more tap room. Next, we went to a cool place called Far From The Tree which serves only craft ciders. How cool, right? Mike and I enjoyed a cider or two and played a few games in their beer garden. I tried their October themed cider, which is one of their most famous and anticpated ciders…. called Ectoplasm. Ectoplasm is a lime green cider made from jalapeños and green peppers! I brought back a bottle for my girlfriend Shawn, and she loved it!

    After visiting the tap rooms I wanted to do some local shopping. I came across this very cute shop called HausWitch Home + Healing. HausWitch is a lifestyle shop providing home decor, handmade products, principles of meditation, herbalism and of course, magic! I bought a Witch City mug and a book called Witchtopia outlining Salems Witch history and many facts about the town. Make sure to stop here, it will give you all the modern day witch vibes and you will want one of their cool Witch City souvenirs!!

    After we shopped, we wanted to try a recommended pizza house, called Engine House Pizza. This place is your classic, pizza shop with the most amazing pizza slices. Engine House Pizza is a family run shop, passed down by their father, a Revere Fire Department Captain. Mike and I ordered their classic pepperoni pizza and it was so delicious! We still crave it!

    On the way back to our Air BnB, we admired the historic homes that we passed and all the history that Salem has to offer! Some homes are over 300 years old and all are beautifully kept. When walking through the town and neighbourhoods, every home is decorated for Halloween and it truly feels like you’re re-living the Hocus Pocus movie.

    P.S Make sure to check out Chestnut Street District. This district contains numerous historic brick mansions and a number of architecturally significant houses. These beautiful homes were designed and built to display the profits made in the Old China Trade by Salem’s merchants.

    Part 2 of our Salem visit will be the Hocus Pocus Tour!

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