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  • Wallpaper in the Kitchen

    Wallpaper in the Kitchen

    Hi Friends! Last week I briefly shared that I added wallpaper to our kitchen. Yes, I know, you’re not surprised.. LOL!

    After painting the living room accent wall a moody green, I had an itch to do something to the boring blank wall in our kitchen. So, with the leftover wallpaper from our entryway, I installed it to the kitchen wall.



    I’ve installed this wallpaper three separate times now, so it took us no time to have the paper installed and the space cleaned up.

    I absolutely love the wallpaper in the kitchen. Originally, I was thinking of doing a different black and white pattern, but I had leftover wallpaper and I wanted to keep our open-floor concept pretty consistent.

    The wallpaper brings in a subtle but busy texture to our very basic Ikea kitchen and looks great from all directions.

    As for styling our kitchen, it’s constantly changing but today I used some fall branches, fresh apples and a mini pumpkin. I like adding organic elements to the kitchen, especially seasonally.

    I hope this inspires you to add wallpaper to your kitchen! I would totally do it again and even try it as a backsplash or in a breakfast nook.

    You can purchase the wallpaper here.

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