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  • DIY Stencil Doormat

    DIY Stencil Doormat

    Hey Friends! Today, I’m sharing my new doormat… and yes, it’s a stencil! I jumped on the stencil bandwagon and I’m not turning back!

    To create this doormat, I ordered my tile stencil from Amazon, you can order it here. As for paint, I used regular wall paint that I had laying around the house. The black is Oynx by Benjamin Moore and the white is Chantilly Lace also by Benjamin Moore. To apply the stencil you’re going to need a stencil paintbrush, that you can purchase here.

    This project is very simple to do, it’s just a little time consuming due to waiting for the paint to dry… but totally worth it!

    So, as mentioned on my Instagram Stories, I wanted to paint on a doormat for a few reasons. The first being, Baby Harris loves to lay here and his hair sticks to all doormats. The next reason being, doormats don’t usually last long for us, and finally, our concrete front entry is stained due to regular ware and tare and from overwatering plants…opps!

    The first step to creating a stencil doormat is to clean the area you will be putting the mat. I used a scrub brush with soap and water to clean the outdoor surface. Once the surface was dry, I used a ruler and a marker (use a washable marker) to draw out the perimeter of your doormat. This will give you an idea on how big you will want your mat to be.

    Once I decided on the size, I added a border to the mat by drawing an additional perimeter around the original mat. Next, I took my marker and drew on the stencil to make sure it fit within the mat lines and to alter the mat or design if needed.

    Next, using a roller I painted the whole mat white, including the border. Once the paint was dry, I tapped off the border and painted it black using a paintbrush. Once the border was dry, I used my stencil brush and slowing painted on the stencil.

    Make sure to tape down the stencil each time to ensure it doesn’t move while painting.

    And that’s it friends! This is such an easy DIY that will make your entryway look great and last year-round. If you add a stencil doormat to your home, make sure to tag me! Enjoy!

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