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  • Fall Front Porch

    Fall Front Porch

    Hi Friends! Today, on my Instagram Stories I shared my fall front porch with you and I wanted to do the same on here!

    I went with a very simple style this season with lots of colour and natural textures. To create this festive porch, I started with red and pink mums. I used a tall black planter for the smaller mums and kept the pink mums in the harvest baskets. I sat the mums next to each other at different heights to break up the colours.

    Next, I added multiple copper lanterns staggered next to the mums and hung a straw-like wreath to the door. To hang the wreath, I used a clear command hook. You can purchase the hook here and here.

    The copper lanterns go so well with the fall colours and something I plan on using again and again when decorating for the fall season!

    Once the mums and lanterns were in place, I added multiple sizes of pumpkins to fill any gaps between the lanterns and flowers. My tip is to purchase 2-3 large pumpkins and multiple medium and smaller pumpkins to cut down on cost and to add lots of colours and sizes when layering.

    And that’s it friends, my super easy fall porch! I hope this inspires you to create a festive fall porch. Enjoy!

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