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  • Moody Thanksgiving Table Setting

    Moody Thanksgiving Table Setting

    Hello Friends! If you are hosting Thanksgiving this year, I hope this post gives you some ideas and inspires you to go all out when setting your table for dinner.

    Mike and I bought a bigger home because we LOVE entertaining and our little 700 sq ft cottage wasn’t cutting it.. so, we do a lot of hosting now that we are in a bigger home #ourcapecodhome.

    This year, I went with a darker moody vibe for our table setting. To start, I used a black table runner and 4 plaid placemats. I made the placemats out of wallpaper. Another alternative would be to use craft paper or wrapping paper!

    Next, I layered the table runner with vintage candle holders and black candlesticks, two copper lanterns and a vase with burgundy plant pieces that I gathered from the garden.

    For each placemat, I added a plate, bowl, a linen napkin and the cutlery. I also added a water and wine glass.

    To do the name tags, I have added two options. The first being a wood name tag cut out. I had these made for our wedding. These are a great idea to get for each family member, that way you will always have fancy place cards on hand!

    The second option is use a thick paper and handwrite your family members names. Both options will work great! To finish it off, I added white and orange pumpkins.

    To style the cabinet, I added additional flatware, wine glasses, a cake tray and other items that I will need on Thanksgiving Day. For the top of the cabinet, I added some baskets, a vase of dried leaves and some candlesticks! So easy to do and looks very festive!

    Okay friends, I hope this post inspires you to get crafty when styling your table for Thanksgiving! If you have any questions, complete below.

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