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  • Opposite Wall Gallery Wall

    Opposite Wall Gallery Wall

    Hi Friends! Today, I’m going to chat about our new gallery wall and how Opposite Wall helped created this new focal point in our home. Opposite Wall is a Canadian company based out of Montreal which focuses on Art Posters and Frames.

    When Opposite Wall reached out to me, I was thrilled! I have beed wanting to add framed prints to our home for awhile now and have recently been inspired to do a gallery wall.

    Once I received the prints, I couldn’t wait to put them up! I created a gallery wall and added some other prints which collided beautifully with my new opposite wall pieces!

    I have linked the Opposite Wall prints that I have added to our home and I totally recommend using them! They have so many print and frame options. If you already have the frames, you can order just the prints! The frames are great quailty and super easy to hang.

    Below, are the frames and prints that I used from Opposite Wall Media to create my gallery wall.

    I hope this post inspires you to take a look at Opposite Wall prints and to create a gallery wall in your home! From now to November 28th you can get a 20% off when your Opposite Wall Order by using SKYE20.

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