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  • Christmas in Our Master Bedroom

    Christmas in Our Master Bedroom

    Hi Friends! I am finally sharing our festive Christmas bedroom.. and something else with you today…. you’ll see in the photos below!

    This year, I went with a more traditional approach for our bedroom because the new moody wall colour is already very wintery and cozy. To create this easy but very festive bedroom, I started with attaching garland to our headboard. I made this garland last year, you can see how I did it here.

    Next, I added some Christmas pillows. The silver and white ones are from H&M and the red and green ones are actually place settings/linen napkins stitched together.

    Across from the bed, I added a small faux christmas tree that I placed in a basket and decorated with red bulbs. I purchased the tree from Canadian and it’s a great size for a bedroom. I added a lantern, a vintage Santa, some pine branches paired with other Christmas ornaments to the dresser.

    I also changed the bedding to our winter sheets and added some more layers for those cooler nights.

    Okay friends, if you have made it this far.. you would have seen that we have a new puppy! Her name is Greta Reese and she is a 8 week old Blue Tic Coonhound and Harris’s new best friend. Oddly enough, she was not planned and placed into our lives at one of our most stressful seasons yet. However, she brings us so much joy and is the sweetest little thing! We can’t wait to share more of Greta with you, and bring you along our adventure of design and our two dogs.

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