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  • Valentine’s Day for the Home Decor Lover

    Valentine’s Day for the Home Decor Lover

    Hi Friends, I hope your week is off to a great start! As we get closer to February, I can’t help but be excited for Valentines day! I of course, decorate for this heart themed celebration, are you surprised?

    Whether it be one room or more, I always pull out the heart banner, add some pink pillows to the sofa, make 10-20 heart shaped cookies and search for the cheesiest V Day card for Mike… I love to celebrate Valentine’s Day!

    All the items are linked below and If you would like to see my full Valentines Day item list, you can view it here.

    one// two// three// four// five// six// seven// eight// nine// ten// eleven// twelve// thirteen// fourteen// fifteen// sixteen// seventeen// eighteen//

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