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  • Cross Country Skiing at the Briars Resort

    Cross Country Skiing at the Briars Resort

    Hi Friends! This weekend I had the pleasure of partnering with the Briars Resort and taking on their Cross Country Ski Trails with my husband and a few friends. The Briars is a four season resort located on the shores of Lake Simcoe and holds a ton of historic charm, beautiful landscapes, a popular spa, a cozy lounge and many more attractions. My husband and I, spend a lot of time at the Briars Resort, as it’s easily our favourite spot in Georgina.

    In the winter, we try to embrace the cooler weather, snow and all the outdoor activities that it brings. Cross country skiing is not only fun, its a great exercise and very easy to do! The Briars Resort offers cross country ski rentals and a large range of beautiful ski trails to explore.

    Our group hit the trails over the weekend and had the best time taking in the scenery, learning the ski rhythm, exploring the resort and golf course. To end the day, we enjoyed a few warm beverages in front of the burning wood fire at the Drink Waters Lounge – another must try at the Briars Resort!

    Thanks again to the Briars Resort for having us over the weekend, we had a great time and we will be back!

    FRIENDS, you MUST check out the Briars Resort over the winter season and take part in their winter activities. Below, I have added the prices and what activities the resort offers. I totally recommend taking advantage of these activities, especially the cross country skiing!

    Cross Country Ski Rental ($15)

    Snow Shoe Rental ($15)

    Horse Drawn Sleigh Ride Every Saturday at 1:30PM ($15)

    Yoga Every Sunday at 10:00AM ($10)

    For more information and questions about the Briars Resort click here.

    The Briars Resort Cross Country Ski Trail Map

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