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  • New Dining Room Chandelier

    New Dining Room Chandelier

    Hi Friends! I hope you are all doing well and staying safe during this unfortunate time. Mike and I have been pretty busy up until this week and we are now strictly working from home. With that said, we have had some time to install our new dining room chandelier, finally!

    The reason why it took me so long to find a chandelier that would fit out dining room space was because of a few reasons. The first being, the cord needs to be really long and the chandelier needs to hang on a cord or chain as the electrical box is on an angle due to our arched ceilings.

    I have linked the light fixture here. I didn’t want a fixture that would compete with our kitchen lighting or block any views as our whole main level is open concept. I like how modern and simple the fixture is, and I think it looks great!

    A simple light fixture update can make a huge difference and update any space! I have a variety of well priced light fixtures on my Amazon page that you can check out here.

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