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  • Digital Download Art Prints & Frames

    Digital Download Art Prints & Frames

    Hello Friends, I have recently put together some art prints and wanted to share where I purchased the prints, the frames and how I use digital downloads.

    Below, I have linked the art prints that I have used, as well as the the frames! Majority of all the digital downloads that I purchase are from Esty and the frames are from Ikea. I prefer to do digital download as its very quick, cost efficient and customizable.

    The Printing Process: All Prints are digital downloads. The cost of each print in $20 or less and the print is sent to your email as soon as you have purchased.

    Step 1: Purchase the print in the Digital Download option.

    Step 2: Download the Print and Create a Staples Account. I like printing at Staples because its quick, local and fair priced.

    Step 3: Depending on the size of your frame, choose a size for your print and paper quality on the Staples website. I choose the 1-3 day print option and usually choose the thickest card stock paper for best print quality.

    Step 4: Pay for your print and wait for the Staples pick-up notification via email.

    Step 5: Frame your print in an Ikea frame.

    Digital Downloads:

    1. Portrait of Women
    2. Minimal Woodblock
    3. War End Kiss
    4. Gin Cocktail
    5. Good Day
    6. Wash Your Hands
    7. Frank Sintra
    8. Magnolia Chinese Vase
    9. I Like You
    10. Knots
    11. Antique Painting Landscape
    12. Botanical 1 Botanical 2
    13. Cow
    14. Antique Painting Landscape 2

    Ikea Frames

    4. RIBBA
    6. HOVSTA
    8. RIBBA

    I love printing and framing my own prints because you can customize the art easier to each space that you are decorating. I find this approach to not only be cost efficient but give you more control when choosing the perfect art for your home. Moving forward, I will continue to update my list of digital downloads and share them with you on the blog! If you have any questions, please let me know!

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