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  • Our Temp Home + Update

    Our Temp Home + Update

    Hi Friends,

    As promised, here is a little update on what we’ve been up to since selling our house on Maple Ave. It’s been about two weeks since we have moved out of our beautiful home and into our temp home, known as the Barndominium. The Bardominium is an old barn that my mom had rebuilt on her property about 25 years ago. Since then, she has renovated the 1st floor to a workshop and paint studio, and the second floor to an Irish pub style + flex space. Mike and I have transformed the second floor to our temporary home and it feels like we’re living in a studio apartment.. which is actually bigger than our condo in Vancouver and our first home. We have everything that we need in our cozy barndominium and it gives us all the cottage vibes.

    We decided to move into the Barndominium for a few reasons. The first being, is that we don’t plan on staying here long. Our next place is going to take a few months of renovations before moving in… and finding a rental for just a few months was quite difficult to do. The other reason being, is that winters can be a lot of work on the farm, so we’re here to help out my mom. Also, Harris and Greta have been leaving their best lives on the farm!

    Okay, so with that said.. where are we going to next?! I’m hoping we can share that news with you by the end of this week! Until then, here is the Barndominium decked out for halloween. And yes, I see your requests to see the interior! I think I’m going to share that for Christmas!

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