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    WE. BOUGHT. A. BUILDING. Friends, we are so excited to announce that our next endeavour will be turning a 100 year old building into a Fisher & Co. Home Shop, Design Studio, Real Estate Office and Apartment!

    Owning our own commercial space has been a dream of ours, and the reason why we decided to sell our home and pretty much everything in it.

    The building is located in Jackson’s Point, Ontario. This area is known as a summer resort on Lake Simcoe and Ontario’s very first cottage country. Over the years, the neighbourhood has encountered some neglect. However, we plan to change that with our shop’s services, products and the help of good people, like you!

    The shop is a total of 3 units. The two lower units are commercial and will be divided into a home goods shop, specializing in home decor, furniture, lighting and other curated goods. The other side, will be dedicated to our design studio and real estate services. Finally, the third unit above, will be our residential apartment, and eventually a rental.

    You can imagine by looking at the building it needs a LOT of work, and it does. We have plenty of drawings, mood boards, floor plans and other ideas spread across the kitchen table 90% of the time discussing our thoughts for the shop. Thankfully, Pestill Carpentry Inc. has agreed to take on the building renovation and we couldn’t be happier! The renovation will start in the spring of 2021.

    My creative juices are running wild and I can’t wait to share our shop’s vision with you. But, I’m going to hold back for now, or until we can get the plans a little more concrete.

    So friends, we bought a building, were opening a Fisher & Co. Home shop and will be living in the apartment above. WHO WOULD HAVE GUESSED?!

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