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    Hi Friends! Today, we are sharing a holiday-ready principle bedroom in the Chefs Cottage. We were inspired to decorate this space because it’s big, bright, and has the most perfect corner for a Christmas Tree.

    Josh and Melissa have been in their beautiful home, known as the #chefscottage for just over a year now, and it’s their first Christmas here! Last Christmas they were enjoying time with family down south, so this is the first time they are celebrating all the Christmas things at the #chefscottage.

    J & M designed their home from top to bottom and it took nearly a year to build. Together, from pouring the foundation to lime washing the brick to painting every inch of their shiplap walls, J & M have created a dream home for their family.

    To decorate their bedroom, we added a mix of traditional and modern elements. We used two flocked Christmas Trees, two wreaths for either side of the nightstands and garland along the headboard. We also added vintage candleholders, faux fur, festive pillow cases and string lights. Lastly, we used Melissa’s beautiful HBC blanket to complete the space. J & M got this blanket as a wedding gift, so I thought it was a great touch to the bed.

    I hope this post gives you some inspiration when decorating your home this Holiday Season! Merry Christmas!

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