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  • Shop Update – Exterior Rendering + more.

    Shop Update – Exterior Rendering + more.

    Good Afternoon,

    I’ve been meaning to write this blog post for awhile now, but wanted to wait until we had a few more details secured before sharing. However, I can always update this blog post with any necessary changes… and since I have already shared a rendering of the shop on my instagram, I believe I owe you guys an update!

    Today, I’m going to be sharing our shop’s exterior design plan with you. The shop is located on Lake Drive East, so I think it’s appropriate to bring nautical details to it’s exterior. While traveling to Nantucket & Cape Cod, I fell in love with its beauty and became completely inspired to bring their architecture and implement it here. (Side Note: if we had purchased a house instead of a shop, I would have done the exact same exterior).

    I believe my design style is traditional with modern components which is exactly what we plan to achieve. I want the exterior design to out live my life span many times, meaning I want to create a design that will never date.

    Please keep in mind, this is our design plan as of now… we may need to make changes when the renovation starts.

    The front of the home shop will be entirely cedar shakes with black double arched doors and windows with grills. The shop’s front exterior, doors and windows will be outlined with white trim. The top windows will have blue shutters in the colour Newburg Green by Benjamin Moore. Our shop’s sign will sit directly in the middle of the building and a copper pendant will hang over top. We will also have copper lanterns on each side of the shop doors. All other sides of the shop will have white siding.

    The office side of the shop will be completely black, we are thinking Black Magic by Sherwin Williams. The windows, the office door and exterior wall paneling will all be black. We will also be adding copper lanterns spread amongst the front exterior to match the home shop.

    To complete the shops exterior, we will be adding a white picket gate with an arbour that will lead you to the back of the shop.

    Although it’s one building, I want it to look as if it’s two separate spaces.

    Fisher & Co. Shop Rendering

    Fisher & Co. Shop Mood Board

    Fisher & Co. Shop Elevation

    Once the renovation starts, I can go deeper with the sources and materials that we used and how the exterior update is coming along. Until then, I hope this slight look into our exterior design plan can help you envision our new shop’s exterior. If you have any questions, please let me know!

    My inspiration for the shop’s exterior:

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